E-Commerce Investment- Grow your money

The electronics commerce or e-commerce sector includes any company that facilitates the buying and selling of goods and services online and with nearly $112 Billion of us dollars in global investments in 2014 alone. The e-commerce sector is booming ofcourse there are many kinds of e-commerce companies.

As investor you wanna keep your eyes on few key evaluation matrix.  For early stage companies the focus is on scaling up by attracting more buyers and visitors. Therefore the key evaluation matrix includes number of visitors and gross merchandise value (GMV).

For growth stage companies the goal is to establish a revenue model and scale up as brand new as possible. Therefore the key evaluations matrix includes overall GMV/growth in GMV, revenue/revenue growth, number of buyers, repeat purchase rates.

Finally in Late stage companies the goal is to maximize the profitability and cash flow wile maintaining growth. Therefore the key metrics are revenue/revenue growth, GMV/GMV Growth, EBITDA margin and free cash flow those are the basics of e-commerce.

E-commerce investment opportunities

The e-commerce marketplaces are very diverse. We currently see long-term investment opportunities in connection with the following topics.

Electronic marketplaces: In these types of online platforms bring together the buyers and providers of products and services.

Price comparison platforms: Companies that ensure greater price transparency and compare different providers with one another. A lot of e-commerce sites are now chossing this kinds of platforms.

Payment service providers: In addition to traditional credit card companies, new firms are also offering payment systems for online transactions. In our country portwallet, easypayway, aamarpay, SSL COMMERZ, walletmix etc are popular payment gateway companies.

Pure online retailers: Companies that exclusively sell their products online.

Logistics operators: The growing acceptance enjoyed by e-commerce depends on an efficient distribution and warehouse networks.

Multi-channel retailers: Companies that distribute their goods via several sales channels such as shops, online platforms and mobile platforms.

Cyber security: The growth of e-commerce depends on secure hardware and software to ensure that clients do not fall victim to internet crime when making online transactions.

E-commerce is currently dominated by the IT and service sector.

Investments in e-commerce are attracting a high level of attention worldwide. The emerging markets, in particular, offer very good growth opportunities. The market is very diverse, with companies that offer a wide range of products and services.

Invest in Roshoi Bangladesh

Are you interested in a long-term investment in e-commerce retail? This is exactly what our long-term investment fund offers. Our experts have identified interesting investment opportunities for you. Invest with us in a modern and efficient future. With Roshoi Bangladesh you can plan long-term and short-term investments. Although we are offering multiple investment plan and funds for you before our official lunching.

Some of our great investment plans of Roshoi are like this:
01. Partnership Share: If you are interested to work with us closely you can purchase 10% of our partnership share and you will be designated director. You will be earning as per your partnership percentages.
02. Profit Sharing Partner: In these criteria, based on your investment you will be declared as our profit sharing partner and a fixed percentage of our company’s profit we will share with you.
03. Frienchage: If you think you want to start an online grocery shop in your area, you don’t need to start from beginning. You can use our Brand and provide service under our supervision. So that you can sale more and more on your area. We will provide you necessary expertise and logistic support as per requirement.


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