Amazon, Walmart to enter Bangladesh- Are we ready to compete?

World’s biggest e-commerce giant Amazon and retail heavyweight shop walmart will start operating in Bangladesh soon. Government plans to allow foreign companies to own 100% stakes in local ventures.

Is this decision is going in favor of our local small entrepreneur? Is the government protecting the local investor’s interests? Are they making the decision too fast? Are we capable to compete this e-commerce giants?

A lot of question is buzzing around in our local small entrepreneur like us. Such kind of early dussion can easily destroy our small entrepreneur. It’s true that we need investment to nourish and cherish our e-commerce industries. But is it worthy- To get foreign investment aren’t we taking a high risk too soon? At present we have a vast number of educated youngstar who are searching luck on e-commerce sector. Presently our country is failing to offer or create enough jobs countrywide. On the other hand, talented students from wealthy families are migrating abroad to promote their destiny.

If this is the situation, what is the main driving force for the youth to take hold of their country? I strongly believe it’s not the perfect time to welcoming the big giants like Amazon, Walmart on our e-commerce market. Give our youngsters some time with minimum educative and financial support and they will bring success on our economy. Our e-commerce market is growing faster every year and I urge the policy maker please give the chance to our young entrepreneur so that they can take advantage of this e-commerce range.

In Alexa ranking Bangladeshi e-commerce company is doing well. Like Rokomari, daraz, ajkerdeal, pickaboo, Bagdoom, othoba, PriyoShop, Clickbd, Chaldal, Roshoi others companies are getting much traffic day by day.


Md. Ashiquer Rahaman


matrix snipen · January 1, 2020 at 8:30 am

vary good post.

    Roshoi-BD · January 12, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    Many Many thanks.

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